The Capitalist, The Marxist, The Peacemaker, and The Revolution

The Stoner Girls' Guide

Ever since history was written, the Capitalist ruled his kingdom with an iron fist. With the power of greed, he conquered millions of wage slaves and forced them to do repetitive, menial tasks for hours on end. They produced massively, but were only paid minimally.

He knew that the human essence is to have a meaningful existence. So he exploited their utility. Their spirits were disconnected from their bodies through forced, intensive labor that made the Capitalist and his elitist crew rich with resources, which left most others in poverty.

The Criminal Law, the Capitalist’s right-hand man, assists in maintaining domestic order of the wage slaves by dominating them with violence. Wars are declared against any action that might disrupt the social order, even if they are a direct result of poverty and oppression. But the wage slaves have to work harder and harder for less and less money. They…

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