Will Monsanto Steal Vermont’s Victory?

Subject: Will Monsanto Steal Vermont’s Victory?

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spacer.jpg Monsanto’s "Dream Bill" Would Stop GMO Labeling in Vermont, and Everywhere!
Tell your Members of Congress to stop the bill that kills GMO labeling!

The Monsanto "Dream Bill" would stop genetically engineered food labeling from ever happening

Right to Know Kids

Email Congress: Stop the Monsanto Dream Bill to Kill GMO Labels!

Dear Sheree,

First the good news: Vermont passed legislation last week requiring genetically engineered foods to be labeled, and the Governor is poised to sign it into law!

This is a huge victory, and could make Vermont the first state to require labels, and would put Connecticut and Maine that much closer to meeting their requirements for labeling. Meanwhile, ballot initiatives to label GMOs are heating up for the fall in Oregon and Colorado, and the movement to label genetically engineered foods at the state level has never been stronger!

Now the bad news: U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) introduced a bill in Congress that would kill labels for genetically engineered foods — even at the state and local level! Tell your Members of Congress to reject Monsanto’s "Dream Bill"!

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), with about 300 member companies like Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Smithfield, represents the largest food, beverage and biotech companies — and now, on behalf of all these companies, they’ve gotten Rep. Pompeo to introduce a bill that will prohibit states from creating their own laws around labeling genetically engineered foods, while also making it illegal to create "mandatory" labeling at the federal level. You may have heard this bill referenced as the DARK act, or the Denying Americans the Right to Know Act.

The GMA spent $54.7 million (on behalf of its Big Ag members) to defeat ballot initiatives on labeling genetically engineered foods in California and Washington. Instead of taking this fight state by state, the GMA would like to pass its bill through Congress that will stop all genetically engineered food labels nationally.

We want mandatory labels on genetically engineered foods in every state, so not only are we going to work to kill this bill, but we’re going to ask the Food and Drug Administration to make GMO labels mandatory on their new nutrition labels. We know that more than 90% of people want labeling on foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients, and recently more than 20 states have considered their own labeling laws, it’s time that the FDA stand up and make GMO labels mandatory on the nutrition label!

The time for labeling genetically engineered foods is now. Let’s stop this bill, and get the FDA to do the right thing. We’ve made it easy, so all you have to do is take one action, and we’ll deliver your message to your members of Congress and the FDA. Take action now to let your representatives and the FDA know that you want labels on all genetically engineered foods..

Thanks for taking action,

Sarah Alexander
Deputy Organizing Director
Food & Water Watch


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