(Old News) Ex-USAF officers: UFOs targeted global nukes

Published time: October 22, 2010 05:57
Edited time: October 22, 2010 05:57

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Military, Nuclear, Russia, SciTech

Little green men from another world do want something. And what they apparently want is to save mankind from mutual nuclear annihilation. (Really, stop laughing).

That’s according to a panel of men who spoke at Washington, DC’s National Press Club.

According to these men, UFOs were spotted hovering over nuclear missile sites and military bases all over the world, mostly in a surveillance capacity. But there have been incidents when surveillance wasn’t the only objective. In March 1967, two incidents occurred at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, rendering 20 ICBMs temporarily unlaunchable. In 1966, at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, the launch countdown of several ICBMs was set off, causing US Air Force missile officers to scramble with an override.

Our missile began going into what’s called a ‘no-go’ condition or unlaunchable. Essentially they were disabled,” said retired USAF First Lieutenant Robert Salas.

He would know. His duty was to monitor readiness and security of ten missiles and to launch them if ordered by his commanding officers.

In 1966, according to a launch officer, David Shure, his missiles were temporarily activated just as his security guard was reporting a bright object moving from missile to missile to missile,” claimed author and researcher Robert Hastings.

In October 1982, in then, Soviet Ukraine, launch countdowns were set off on a number of missiles, only to be hurriedly deactivated by Soviet officers after 15 harrowing seconds.

Given the fact that these incidents have gone on over there including one incident of their missiles being temporarily activated when a UFO was hovering over the missile base, identical to what occurred over here, I think we can rule out that whoever are piloting these craft are either American or Russian,” said Hastings.

This is all apparently in the name of saving humankind.

Before you double over in hysterical laughter, consider something, these are men who are retired Air Force colonels, missile launch officers, missile base commanders, etc. There are reportedly 120 of them who have given their witness testimony and rendered that testimony as “official” by turning them into affidavits. It’s all in a detailed report they’ve submitted, entitled “Witness Testimony: UFOs at Nuclear Weapons Bases”

Maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re wrong. Maybe we’ll never know. But whatever you do, don’t call us “crazy”.


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