“The Plan” – Conspiracy Theory Or Fact?

Urban Scrawl

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Have you heard about “The Plan“?  I’d never heard about it until a few days ago;  apparently it’s an old DC conspiracy theory that states that after the installment of home rule, a small group of white conspirators got together to move the black population out of the city and the white population in.  Like most conspiracy theories, the particulars vary based on who’s telling you the story, but a lot of speculation centers around the Federal City Council, a sort of publicity-averse shadow group about which the Washington Post has said, “whatever they think should get done has had a way of getting done.”

The general timeline is that Marion Barry was a “non-Plan mayor,” but Anthony Williams and Adrian Fenty were “pro-Plan.”  Vincent Gray, supposedly, is “non-Plan.”  You’ve probably heard the mayors divided along these lines;  the “dog parks and bike lanes” narrative that…

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