What If Obama Wants a 3rd Term?

Give Me Liberty

This is from Rush Limbaugh.com.

 The prospect of this happening is damned scary.

I can actually see this happening considering the Republicans are rolling over and playing dead.

So far Barry has said screw the Constitution and has been able to get away with doing so.


RUSH: John in Belleville, Pennsylvania, next up.  Open Line Friday.  How’s it going?

CALLER:  Hello, Rush.  It’s a thrill and an honor to get to talk to you.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir, very much.  I’m glad you made it through.

CALLER:  First, I do want to say that that 90-something percent accuracy figure is incorrect.  I’ve listened and I believe you’re 100%.

RUSH:  Well, you’re very kind, sir.

CALLER:  Now, my question — and I know I’ll sound like a kook. But assuming the Democrats can’t come up with anybody decent to win the presidency and the powers that push Obama’s buttons tell him to stay…

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