Illusion and the Illuminati – David Icke

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Controversial author/speaker David Icke shared his insights on how the world works and what defines reality. What you get in the mainstream media, he said, is just a tiny fraction of what is really going on. And that is symbolic of what we see through our own eyes, he continued. We are caught in the illusion of identifying with our body, ?a biological computer,? and just see its software rather than the reality of who we area? which is the infinite. The chatter of our thoughts is the program defending itself from infinite consciousness.

Such a mode of existence leaves humanity open for manipulation, he expressed. The Illuminati, ?a network of interbreeding families,? at the top of secret society pyramids, have access to advanced knowledge and seek to enforce their agendas on the population that is caught in illusion, said Icke. Further, he noted that some of these Illuminati…

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