Sleepwalking to Thermonuclear World War III



With the Obama Administration, Congressional Republicans and the IMF hosting Victoria Nuland’s “Yats” with great fanfare in Washington on Thursday, the very same Kiev neo-Nazi regime moved the world one precarious step closer to a thermonuclear war of annihilation the very same day. President Petro Poroshenko put into effect a new law shutting down all Ukrainian-Russian military cooperation, which means the cut-off of transit to Russian peace-keeping troops in the bordering, landlocked Transdniester region. To make the point perfectly clear, the Ukrainian defense minister announced that S-300 air defense systems had been moved to the Ukraine-Transdniestria border, in a clear escalation of what Yatsenyuk described as “Ukraine’s war with Russia.”

This madness will only be stopped when both Obama and Angela Merkel are removed from office. Obama has done everything in his power to drive the confrontation with Russia, just as Lyndon LaRouche warned as long ago as…

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