Black People Are 12 Times More Likely To Die In America Than In Other Developed Countries

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The tragic events that unfolded Wednesday evening at the historic Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina served as yet another reminder that race relations in America are rapidly deteriorating.

Although it might be fair to say that this week’s church massacre is a separate and distinct event that can be better understood as an act of domestic terrorism or as a hate crime than as another example of the marginalization of African Americans, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it in the context of Baltimore, Ferguson, and the death of Eric Garner and Walter Scott.

Indeed, Wednesday’s shooting and the subsequent arrest of a white male suspect who appears to have sympathized with White Supremacist ideologies will likely lead to still more scrutiny on what certainly appears to be a widening racial divide in America.

In this context, we bring you the following graphic which shows that…

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