What You Need To Know About The Plague

CBS Denver

Plague is a bacterial illness caused by a germ named “Yersenia pestis.” It’s been around for centuries, but doesn’t cause the deadly epidemics of times past. Cases tend to be scattered, and mainly happen in rural and semi-rural settings — with most concentrated in the Southwest and Western United States.

The “Four Corners” generally has the most cases. Worldwide, case numbers are much higher and tend to happen in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Plague usually is caused by a bite from an infected flea. The flea then passes the germ into the body and bloodstream of whatever it bites — animal or human.

There are basically three forms: bubonic, septicemic and pneumonic.

The bubonic form typically begins with flu-like symptoms and a large or cluster of large swollen lymph nodes (known as buboes) that swell near the site of the bite. If untreated with antibiotics, bubonic plague can spread to…

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