This issue requires FULL ATTENTION…

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

~@ These horrific crimes are perpetrated on children (and adults) everyday and at every level of the social, religious and governmental ladder…. Lest we think it doesn’t happen here, please watch ‘The Franklin Cover Up’… 

The Franklin Cover-up – The Evidence – what goes on behind our backs by many WE ELECTED


ACTION: Email to Glenn Greenwald

Dear Glenn Greenwald

Would the Intercept be interested in writing an article about Hampstead Research?

We are a leaderless internet campaign that has sprung up in support of two children from Hampstead, London UK. The children allege that their father is the head of a large cult that is operating through the local schools and churches: he and others are sexually abusing them and other children and trafficking babies internationally for ritual slaughter and blood drinking.

The children’s video testimony and the names of addresses of alleged cult members were…

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