How to Rebuke the Lies of the Enemy

Our Walk with Jesus

Being under attack, is one the most difficult things as a Christian.  We are constantly at battle with our flesh, and with the enemy who will use whatever he can to distract, deceive and destroy our walk with God.  With this, I hope to help you recognize the enemy and show you the power you have to rebuke him.

Recognize our Strengths and Weaknesses

In order to fully know when we are being attacked, we must first know both our strengths and our weaknesses.  As I stated above, Satan will attack every area of our lives.  Whether in our strengths or our weaknesses, we are always his prey.  You might say, why my strengths?  The Bible warns us that, when we think we are all that and have that particular area of  our lives covered, that is when we fall.  In order to know and anticipate his attacks, we must…

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